Software Collections 2.0 available

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I finally finished the builds of Software Collections 2.0 and released them on

Software Collections bring new versions of software to stable platforms like CentOS without affecting the system or other packages that are installed. Software Collections have their own life cycle that is independent of the system. For example, that allows you to run your application on CentOS 6 and CentOS 7 with the same version of stack underneath.

There are plenty of new components as well as updates of the current ones. Description of each component can be found in the Software Collections Directory.

Components New in Software Collections 2.0
Component Name Software Collection
Perl 5.20.1 rh-perl520
PHP 5.6.5 rh-php56
Python 3.4.2 rh-python34
Ruby 2.2.2 rh-ruby22
Ruby on Rails 4.1.5 rh-ror41
MariaDB 10.0.17 rh-mariadb100
MongoDB 2.6.9 rh-mongodb26
MySQL 5.6.24 rh-mysql56
PostgreSQL 9.4.1 rh-postgresql94
Passenger 4.0.50 rh-passenger40
Common Java Packages 1.1 rh-java-common
Components Updated in Software Collections 2.0
Component Software Collection
PHP 5.4.40 php54
PHP 5.5.21 php55
Python 2.7.8 python27
Node.js 0.10 nodejs010
nginx 1.6.2 nginx16
Apache httpd 2.4.12 httpd24
Thermostat 1.2.0 thermostat1
DevAssistant 0.9.3 devassist09
Maven 3.0.5 maven30
V8 v8314