Modularity update – sprint 31

1 minute read

Hello people of the world! Let me give you another update of the Fedora Modularity project.

What we did

We are moving the modules to the new Fedora Modularity: modules space on GitHub. All work regarding modules will be done primarily here and synced into fedora dist-git for builds. Each module has its own repository with an issue tracker.

The Modularity documentation has been updated and slightly restructured.

There is also a new demo about the dnf prototype supporting modules on our YouTube channel.

Try the DNF prototype

You can try everything you have seen in the video yourself! We have a container image with everything you need to get started. See the DNF Modularity Prototype repository for the source, or get the image directly from Docker hub:

$ docker pull jamesantill/flat-modules-dnf

Then start a container using this image with an interactive shell:

$ docker run --rm -it jamesantill/flat-modules-dnf /bin/bash

Now, when you are in the container, you can try all the commands. And please give us feedback either in the comment section below, in the issue tracker, or get in touch on the #fedora-modularity freenode channel.

What’s next?

  • Complete all modules, images, and tests.
  • Prepare an example and a demo of multiple streams of NodeJS.
  • Review and prioritize open issues.