Flock 2016

1 minute read

Last week, I visited the Flock 2016 conference in the beautiful city of Krakow. And it was brilliant!

If you asked me about three most important things I took from the conference, I would probably tell you the following:

First: I met a lot of interesting people. And I think this is the most important thing about any conference. I finally had a chance to meet people I knew before over email and irc (or at least knew they exist) and had a chance to talk to them personally. From my experience, it was always much easier to work remotely with someone I know or at least met before for a while. It makes conversations much more comfortable, especially over IRC where you can’t express or see emotions of the other side. I would love to do this more often! 🙂

Second: I talked to many people and a lot of them were not from Red Hat! Also, during the keynote on Tuesday morning we saw some statistics including a chart showing that less than 1/3 of contributors to Fedora are Red Hatters. Fedora is a true open source project!

Third: The Modularity project I currently work on seems accepted by people. I didn’t hear anyone to say “no” and people seemed very interested in the topic. Both talk and workshop had full rooms, and there were a lot of questions asked. BTW, there is a demo on YouTube showing how Modularity looks from the user perspective.

Finally, big thanks to the the people who organized the event! You did a really great job. Everything just worked and it was a very nice experience!