Fedora Developer Portal – prototype

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I wanted to try an interesting project called Jekyll – a static page generator. It consumes content in textual form like Markdown or Textile, Liquid templates, and HTML and CSS to generate static pages and blogs.

I should be able to install it with simple command:

$ gem install jekyll

But it wasn’t successful. What I’m going to do?

Good news for me is that I work on a project called Fedora Developer Portal! And there is a repo for content with the Ruby section already created. It explains how to install Ruby, Gems, etc. I used that information and successfully installed Jekyll on my machine.

That’s one of the purposes of our new portal – to help people start with new (new for them) technology on Fedora.

First Prototype is Here!

As you might have figured out from the introduction, and from the heading as well, the development slowly started! I just finished a prototype which is running on developer-phracek.rhcloud.com.

Please keep in mind that this is just a prototype that offers very limited content and functionality. The content is not final and will change according to your feedback and ideas 🙂

Project Resources

General Information

  • Wiki page – The main project page with description, links to resources, planning etc.

Code & Development

  • Content repo – Repo with all the content in a textual form with Markdown syntax. (Ruby content already created)
  • Website repo – Repo for Jekyll templates that would define the visual look and layout of the website.
  • Design mockups repo – Repo for layout sketches and mockups.
  • Prototype – Prototype of the website with limited content and functionality.


  • Taiga Project – Project tracking and planning
  • IRC channel #developer-portal on Freenode
  • Issue Trackers in the GitHub projects above