DORS/CLUC 2017 event report

1 minute read

DORS/CLUC is a regional open source software conference in Zagreb, Croatia. It happens every year at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, targeting Linux users and professionals. I have attended the conference for the first time about two weeks ago, and I would like to share my notes from the conference with you.

Fedora got two talks this year:

  1. Fedora and VR glass by Gergely Rákosi
  2. Fedora Modularity by me, Adam Samalik

There is also a Fedora wiki page for the event.

How Adam did?

Let me give you some metrics of me being at the conference… I was using Twitter as my communication channel and to get some data about my presence.

The official DORS/CLUC Twitter account did about 60 tweets the first day, 10 were retweets, and I got 4 of them.

My most popular tweet by views got about 5000 views during the first 5 hours – before my talk, about 7600 for the whole duration of the conference, and 10133 at the time of writing this post. Thanks @fedora and others for retweeting!

The most retweeted one was about Gergley’s VR talk and got 12 retweets, 15 likes, and about 2500 views.

My talk was attended by roughly 50 – 80 people (I’m still not able to count people quickly enough) which was about the average. The conference had only one track, so there was not much choice anyway. I got a few questions right after the talks and some interesting discussions afterwards.

At the end of my talk, they tweeted about the Modularity YouTube channel and invited people to contribute.

I have published my slides at SlideShare: Fedora Modularity at DORS/CLUC 2017

Apart from the the Modularity talk, I also talked to people about Fedora and did four demos of the system on my laptop. One included installing and demonstrating KDE to a Windows user who really loved the customization options and installed Fedora KDE spin on his laptop later that evening.