Copr, Dist Git and Patternfly

As in the last year, July, for some reason, happened to be a great time to post some news about our Copr Build Service. At this time, it’s about integrating Copr with:

  • Patternfly – an open interface project
  • Dist Git – a remote Git repository designed to hold RPM package sources

If you can’t wait to see it, you can check the development server that is hopefully running on But please, remember, it’s a development server – so all the projects built here are a subject of deletion, destruction and all kinds of randomization without notice.

Dist Git for Copr

It all started with a need of uploading sources to the Copr itself – as the only way of building your package was to provide a URL pointing to it. That, however, required all users to have their own public file storage.

We decided to go the Fedora way and use Dist Git – a combination of git repository to store spec files, lookaside cache to store sources, and Gitolite to manage access permissions. Each package will be stored in a repo named as ‘username/project/package’. Each repo will contain branches that represent a target platform. For example: ‘f22’ for Fedora 22, ‘epel7’ for Epel for Centos 7, etc.

It will be gradually deployed in production. The first step is to enable users to upload their .src.rpm files into Copr. At this step, Dist Git will be used as a storage only. Direct access to the repositories will come afterwards.

New User Interface  Patternfly

Enabling Dist Git required some changes to the user interface as well. We didn’t use any framework, that would help us to easily create new elements in the UI. Instead, we had a custom CSS that received new lines of code with each change. As you can imagine, each change took a bit longer than desired, the CSS became messy, and yes, the interface itself became messy as well. At this point, I decided that we need to do a step forward and we finally agreed to rewrite the user interface to Patternfly! Yay!

The Old Copr UI

The old Copr interface

The New Copr UI

The new Copr interface

We need your feedback!

I would like to make Copr as friendly as possible. If you want to help me with that, please provide a feedback as a comment. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Is there anything you miss in the interface? Your feedback is much appreciated!

  • Pieter

    Great to see Copr make progress! Question: have you evaluated git-annex instead of dist-git for handling the sourcez? IIRC tito already has support for git-annex. Thanks.

    • Adam Šamalík

      Hi Pieter, thanks for the question. Yes, we were thinking about it and I personally think it would be nice to have. The current solution – lookaside cache – might not be ideal. It’s not as portable as git-annex, and now, when you mentioned the support in Tito, I’m convinced about it even more. 🙂

      It needs to be first supported in the Dist Git project itself. And we would like Fedora to use the Dist Git project when using the same thing in Copr as well. Any change in there might require some time.

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  • nim

    This is much nicer but I’d say there is still too much area wastage at the top of the page (too many big header lines, sidebar starts too low, etc)

    The first action on the page should not be to scroll down to access the interesting parts.

  • Radek Holý

    Awesome, I can’t wait for the SRPM upload API.